Shiny New Pin

All of the countless hours of scraping, sanding and preparation are now finally behind me.  Despite my moans and groans it’s true to say that “it’s all in the preparation” as I am really please with the results.

Following several coats of preservative, primer, bilge paint and four coats of varnish I am at last now able to look towards the start of the new season with excitement. A few jobs still to do, including fitting of a new floor, wiring and some smaller jobs but can’t wait to get out on the water. Acknowledgement and sincere thanks to Thomas McBride for his help and advice in getting the painting and varnishing progressed and completed.

Looks too good to get wet, just hope I’ve not made surfaces too slippy for landing all those fish!


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  1. Looks fantastic. I am sure the fish will be jumping in to the boat to admire the job you have done!


  2. Boat looks great. Good luck in the new season. 👍


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