2nd Aug. 2018

Decided to get out and try my luck on The Leven this afternoon for a few hours. I was surprised just how little the water level had risen despite recent rainfall. Water level at Linnbrane was showing as just xxxm from RiverApp this morning. Started just below Bonhill Bridge and covered “Bonhill Pool” carefully and slowly with out any interest or sighting of a fish. After trying a small section opposite “The Glebe” decided to give “The Piles” a chance since this was the run that I really had in mind for this afternoon. Following a coffee and a chat with another angler Gavin and after a change of fly (plus leader due to windnots!) I headed for the “Piles”.


This run really did look promising, particularly the far bank against the wall and the tail of the run. Fished halfway down and neither myself or another angler in far bank who was fishing the worm had seen of connected with anything. Slowly covering the remainder of the pool I thought about changing fly and and recovering the run once more. However after deciding that fish were perhaps not in residence and the increasing stiffness in my back due to lack of fitness and old age I decided to call it a day.

River Leven 2nd Aug 2018a

An enjoyable few hours on the river despite the lack of any action or sighting of a fish given the current levels it is clear that things are not likely to improve much until we get some more substantial prolonged rainfall. Meantime many anglers are reporting the sighting of a good number of fish at the estuary. The main issue here of course is their vulnerability given the resident seals seem to be picking them off whilst they also wait for decent rainfall.  More rain please and plenty!