After many cold hours scraping, sanding, filling I can start to think of the end being in sight. Tomorrow will hopefully see the boat moved and firstly the sealant applied then paint and 5-6 coats of varnish applied in the finishing shed during next couple of weeks. However it will definitely be a race to the line time wise to complete all coats of paint and 5-6 coats of varnish on the hull given allowable time in the workshop and work commitments.

Grateful to a fellow club member for fabricating a new ridge pole assembly for me which is great and is considerably lighter and easier to handle and stow than the previous version. Boat has also been measured and templated for the manufacture of a new boat cover which should be ready next week. So things beginning to come together and barring any problems should be completed within next two weeks. Wishing now that I had stripped down the seats but will have to wait until next season most likely due to time constraints.