August 10th, 2019

With the forecast for the Loch not looking too great I decided to explore the River Fruin a small spate river flowing into Loch Lomond. My angling friend Michael and I considered that the Fruin may be in good shape after recent heavy rainstorms.
Arriving before 9.00am the river was still high but running very coloured. Undeterred we spent three or four hours working our way down the various pools and runs trying to cover the areas beneath the overhanging trees and shrubs. Some tricky casting required and yes some of the new “tree ornaments” are mine!

The Beautiful wee River Fruin

Around lunch time and struggling in the very hot conditions which were not helped by being clad in waders and fishing jackets we decided to call it a day. A great few hours on this lovely little river and whilst fish were not forthcoming one area certainly worth another visit. My gratitude to my friend Michael for introducing me to this lovely stretch of water. Thanks also must go to Bob and Donald for so freely sharing their local knowledge and tips on the river bank.