Saturday 24th August 2019

Having been checking the SEPA water gauge several times during last few days and with a height of around 0.8m I decided to forego the Loch this week and give the Endrick a run. Headed up to Ballochruin Bridge and with some puffing and panting I fought my way through the undergrowth and started fishing at the Black Lyn working down towards Oak Tree Pool. Only connection was with several overhanging trees which ruined any stealth tactics as I cursed and swore trying to get flies and leader free.

Uz5qwtwPSTWpMnGP7kwmeAI have walked this area scouting many times in the off season but never really fished it with any decent water. Reaching Oak Tree Pool it just looked so promising as I quietly started at the top of the pool wading down hugging the left bank . Some really hot looking areas beneath trees on far bank that required some horizontal casting beneath them as I slowly worked down the pool. Water eventually deepens despite being close to near bank and to complicate matters submerged boulders the size of small tables began to make progress very challenging. Being halfway down the pool and with steep banking making exit difficult I continued down. After covering about three quarters of this pool and wading at chest depth I found the going just too tough negotiating the submerged boulders even with the aid of a wading staff. I curtailed my coverage of this pool clambering unceremoniously up the steep walled bank.

Following a “short” rest on the bench, a smoke and a change of flees I briefly fished the pool above the bridge (Drumtain) which in hindsight probably would be better fished from opposite bank along the shingle spit and down into the pool. With the temperature now well above 20 deg c it was time for water, lunch and a break.

Deliberating about the heat, after lunch I decided to give it another hour or so more. Changing fly pattern and to smaller sizes I worked my way quietly down the stretch below Ballochruin Bridge (Red Brae) with small par or trout rising all around. I finished this good looking stretch but with the bugs and the temperature now at 26 deg c I decided I had had enough.

I packed up feeling slightly guilty at not sticking with it and continuing to fish the really good stretches further downstream. However, sometimes I think you are best quitting when still enjoying the session can be right rather than spoiling what had been an enjoyable few hours, that’s my excuse anyway as I was starting to wilt in the heat and waders.

I decided upon a small detour en route home to check the water down at the section at Meetings Lynn. Water looked clear and a good height but nothing of any size showing nor indeed any anglers to be seen.

A good enjoyable few hours with only one small element missing!