DOCHFOUR . A long awaited chance to fish Dochfour (River Ness) finally arrived on Friday 11th May following an earlier reschedule due to illness. Having followed the reports of good catches during past few weeks, including 9 this week, I was up for it. Speaking earlier with the Ghillie Grant Sutherland to confirm arrangements I met up with Grant on Friday morning. With only one other rod booked (4 rod max) and yet to arrive then choice of pools to start was free. Two syndicate rods were also scheduled to fish but never showed. Having tackled up both fly and spinning rod we headed along the river having opted to start at the Weir Pool ( image below).

Weir PoolDochfour
Looking downstream from Weir Pool, Dochfour

Seemed logical as this was the top pool. Grant kindly outlined all the key information and advice including wading “survival” tips! I had noted with some caution how far out beneath the weir we had trecked and the gravel drop off into the pool below me 😝. Full of anticipation I fished slowly and carefully along the pool with the usual early heightened adrenaline rush and expectations. What truly stunning spectacular scenery and surroundings I found myself in. Fished through this first pool without success and onto the next pool which was a more traditional pool and easy wading.

Another view of Weir Pool, Dochfour

Working down this pool the gusting wind started to impact my already fragile Spey casting skills by constantly changing strength and direction 😂. By 12.30 decided break and lunch at the fishing hut with Grant and his lovely wee springer whose big brown eyes managed to charm half my sandwiches. Refreshed and recharged back onto the water. Wind had increased in ferocity with vicious gusts making it hard to stand yet along time a cast! All part of the experience I thought as I tried to adjust or recall and apply different casts based upon wind director from lessons earlier in year. The only fish seen moving were lots of trout rising between gusts. Following a change of fly and a coffee mid afternoon we contemplated getting spinning rod with the vision lure out to see if this would provoke something. Maybe dogma or poor decision making but I decided to stick with fly despite worsening blustery conditions .

Coffee break and a wee rest

Never pick the easier option if you can 😊. Just as I was beginning to flag and wind gust threatening to blow me off balance a beautiful salmon rose in the pool just below me! All fatigue instantly disappeared as well as curses about the wind as I tried to cover the fish . Alas no ensuing tug followed but its appearance at the end of the day was a really welcome sight nevertheless. Fished on for a short while longer until deciding to call it a day …. a good day despite the lack of fish. All fishing days are good days after all. 😊. Another new water for me and one that I cannot wait to try once more. Sooner rather than later. This is a truly beautiful piece of water with dramatic scenery all around. A huge thank you to Grant Sutherland for sharing his experience, knowledge of this beautiful beat. ” I’ll be back”