Loch Lomond Friday 27th July, 2018

Friday 27th July saw me back out on Lomond chasing that illusive first Lomond Salmon. Forecast was low cloud and thunderstorms later in the afternoon and planned route was up the East shore to Boturich and then across to Inchmurrin. From there along south shores of Inchmurrin, Creinch, Torrinch and Inchcailloch before heading North as far The Ross Isles. Homeward route was along North shores of Inchclonaig, Inchconnachan and Inchtavannach and down West shore. I saw only two or three other boats but not too many other anglers on the water perhaps put off by the low water and high temperatures.

I am always amazed at the size of lure that these brave wee perch will ambush, in this case the hot lure of the day was a 13cm black and gold original floating Rapala which they and other species seemed to favour over other lures on offer. Some legendary large Lomond pike were also keen to make an appearance once more. Water temperatures seemed to be still very high and the other main issue was weed especially on the West shore homeward leg where you could almost anticipate the ensuing hangup in weed from the fish finder which showed weed climbing all the way to the surface. On the topic of high water temperatures I have been wondering whether it would be worth fishing deeper water with deeper swimming lures would yield better results given recent conditions?

Under dramatic skies and breathtaking scenery I broke for lunch at a favourite wee bay up at Ross Isles I took the time to fit the new boat “Dogged Angler” name plates which look great. My thanks and gratitude to Eric and Thomas at The Vale of Leven District Angling Club (VOLDAC) for their kind assistance in “planing” down these name plates to allow fitting to the bow.

Encounters with some big Lomond pike were once again on the cards with the black and gold rapala again proving the predators choice. On the homeward leg I hooked and landed perhaps my biggest Lomond pike to date which gave a good account of itself on a 15ft fly rod. I have great admiration for these big predators with their beautiful markings and strong runs but if I am being honest I do not like handling them in the boat, which is evident in the video. Whilst trying to deal with them respectfully and safely return them my preference is to try to get them to “slip” the hook wherever possible or to deal with them at the side of the boat.  I have made a note to devise or buy a “fish mat” try to improve matters here.

Overall another great day out on the water despite the lack of any silver fish, with this weekend’s rain falls hopefully this will freshen things up and bring in some runs into the Loch. Already thinking of next outing, thinking of giving the Endrick or Leven a try early this coming week given the weekend rain.

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