Saturday 4th Aug. 2018

Saturday evening I decided to meet up with Lee Taylor who was already planning a few hours on The Leven at the McKinnons stretch. As this was an area of The Leven that I had never fished I was grateful to Lee, once more, for giving me the heads up on this and the other sections of the river. Upon my arrival and parking there were a number of local anglers already fishing and once more they freely and openly gave me the run down of the various pools and runs, particularly for the fly. I am forever grateful for such information and generosity so my thanks to Danny, Craig and the other local anglers.

After setting up I set off to explore and to find Lee,  which I did fairly quickly even though we have never met face to face until this time. Lee kindly walked the section highlighting the various runs, pools and historic holding areas and lies. I was impressed at the really good looking runs with relatively easy looking wading including Boathouse Hole and Garden Stream and others whose names escape me.

Lee suggested that we move upstream and give the section at Westclox (Polaroid) Bridge down until dark. This was a great looking stretch with easy wading (currently) and as Lee indicated fish tended to be found holding against far (Renton side) bank along the wall and under the trees or running the “channel”.  I fished from above the bridge continuing under and down this run with Lee fishing about 200 yards below me. He is just about visible wading below me in the short video. We continued down this stretch with me failing to connect with anything but as I later learned Lee dropping two fish, one good sized fish too!

We decided to call it a night around 10.15pm as darkness began to fall and for me my eyesight being tested for both casting and wading in the dark. A great couple of hours even if no contact made however now familiar with basics of another area of The Leven thanks to the kindness of fellow angler Lee Taylor.