23rd August 2018

With recent reports of fish now being landed or lost on the upper Kelvin I decided it was time to spend a few hours this afternoon on the Kelvin at Balmore, the first time this season. Despite the water height was showing as at only around 0.4m at Killermont I was keen to give it a try anyhow. After setting up during yet another thundery downpour I headed to the river crossing the field of the “cows with attitude” (long story) who duly obliged by surrounding and following me! Yes wimp I know.

River was comparatively clear but low and slack as I headed up to the Junction Pool where I planned to fish back downstream to the car with nothing showing aside from small trout rising.

Stopping for an occasional cast and to remove my jacket as the sun was now beating down. Arriving at the Junction Pool it was time for a breather and a coffee break at the log and after a long chat with fellow angler Paul I finally started fishing in earnest. Undeterred at having seen no sign of life on my journey upstream I started fishing down the river ensuring that I covered all the normal pools and runs with my Rapala. Found conditions were difficult in so far as I was collecting weed with almost every cast. There seems to be more weed on the river bed this year perhaps due to prolonged low water levels. I continued working my way downstream spending increasingly more time on breaks than fishing which to be honest was tough given the retrieval of weed constantly so breaks to admire scenery and surroundings became more and more frequent.

I must admit missing out some of remaining water I eventually decided to call it a day but with appreciation for an enjoyable few hours back at an old favourite beat. I will definitely be back once conditions and water height are more appropriate.