23rd December 2018

What better ways to spend the weekend before Christmas than start to strip boat down in a freezing cold workshop! Having only purchased the boat last season I was keen to strip it right back to assess condition of timbers and refurbish (with appropriate guidance and advice). It is after all good, in my opinion, to know what’s keeping you afloat.

So armed with breathing mask, IR Paint Stripping Lamp, multitude of scraping tools and flask of coffee I got stuck in. Deciding to tackle the two coats of red anti-foul paint and undercoat I soon realised that this was going to be a long slow process! Breaking for a coffee and sandwich lunch I assessed my progress – roughly about a quarter of the hull stripped after three and half hours, slow but steady. Continuing after lunch for a few hours I managed a few more planks before calling it a day.

Whilst slow going it was somehow satisfying to start to discover “What lies beneath” all the many layers of paint. I will undoubtedly need to call upon some expert advice with regards to the condition of several timbers closest to the keel once entire hull has been stripped of paint, varnish and a great deal of sealant which was loose or waterlogged in many cases. Still lots to do but how else would you spend your Christmas holiday?

After a quick sweep up it was out into the fog and home, via the clubhouse bar of course.