Learning new skills

Just discovered why fly tying requires lots of skill, knowledge and experience! My very first attempt at tying, in this case a “Mackenzie Cascade“, at least that’s what it should be. Thank you to Davie McPhail for his excellent helpful YouTube videos with step by step guidance and advice. The “whipping tool” still remains a complete mystery to me as to how to use this but I will get some much needed help on this.

IMG_0372Whilst admitting to being a little chuffed at finally having made a start it is clear that much more practice and hours on the vice are going to be needed in order to master the basics of this “art form”. It’s probably just as well I am not paid on a “piecework” basis as this first fly took several hours!

One thought on “Learning new skills”

  1. Looks like a brilliant first attempt. I started tying again last year and it was very rough! Main problem being eyesight has deteriorated. I always just tied approximations of traditional wets and that’s what I went back to. It was great to get some fish on my own flies last season!
    Haven’t tied yet this year because boxes all well stocked still! Point for me is to create a fly that will catch fish, but my flies are not that great! Went on a trip to the islands last year and took a wee kit with me. The challenge for my friend and I was to tie something and catch next day on it. With a few drams it was a laugh and the wild brownies went for some rough looking patterns.


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