The end is in sight or the start of the new season not for me not long depending upon how you view it. First coat of varnish on and already boat is looking better as the mahogany  starts to looks its best.

I am  using “Tonkinois Marine No.1” varnish – a french marine varnish. Being a novice here and having sought advice which as always was freely given and much welcomed then opinions on varnish ranged from “don’t waste money spending a fortune on expensive varnish since it will only need to be scraped off in two years…” to “try to get the best varnish you can afford as it will last longer before needing replaced….”  Le Tonkinois was suggested and having checked it out then their claim that you could apply further coats directly after a few years appealed to me. Time will of course tell but if it buys one or two more years before needing scraped off then great!

Huge thanks to all the guys at the club for helping flip the boat over this morning albeit after a few hairy moments when we each realised a few more bodies would have been handy!