Saturday 13th July

Saturday at last and heading out up the river I am brimming with the normal anticipation and excitement that has been growing during the preceding week further fuelled by reports of Grilse now being landed on the Loch.

See video highlights below! (Best played with Volume UP)

The day already warm with plenty of cloud and a good wee breeze things looked promising as I headed out of the river. I had hardly set the fourth rod when the inside ‘poker’ let rip with at least one other rod also joining in! I had connected with at least one fish and plenty of weed in the shallow water off Balloch Park. Sadly after a few minutes grunting and groaning I realised it was a lively pike of 10-12lb which was duly landed and safely released.

Continuing north along Boturich things had barely settled down when the inside rod buckled with the reel singing as I gathered in the other rods. A good bend in the rod signalled a good fish………alas another pike and not silver! Following some ariel acrobatics a healthy beautifully marked pike again of around 12lb was netted and released returning to the deep once more.

I had barely reset the rods just off the Hydro Station and thoughts of a coffee were dashed when once more the inside ‘poker’ let go. Thinking surely this time I tightened into what proved to be ….yes another pike would you believe it! Fortunately no need to bring it on board as it slipped the hook just beside the boat.

Rods out and reset once more I headed on past Ross Priory with thoughts returning to that cup of coffee. Not a chance as the inside ‘poker’ once again announced a take and I thought ‘fourth time lucky surely!’ . With the boat pitching in the rollers as can be seen I struggled to stand and almost joined the fish at one point before deciding being seated was better option. After a short fight with the fish and the rolling boat another beautifully marked healthy pike of around 12lbs which had fallen once more for the orange Tomic was safely landed and released.

Heading across the Endrick Bank towards Balmaha I finally got that coffee thinking what a busy morning but please please make the next take silver!

The cloud lifted and the sun appeared as I made my way past Balmaha and Milarrochy Bay before turning west toward the secret lost Isle of Buccinch for lunch and a stretch of the legs. Sitting on Buccinch in the now baking heat I reflected upon the events of the morning and admiring the shear beauty and solitude around me.

A change of lure here and there and I was off again heading south towards Inchfad in glorious sunshine and blue skies. After skirting the south shore of Inchmurrin I headed back across to Boturich shore and home past Balloch Park once more. No further contact but all in all another great day on Lomond and another week to plan and eagerly look forward to my next outing.