Saturday 8th June, 2019

The forecast had said light rain with a ‘moderate’ wind as I headed out onto the Loch buoyed by the recent heavy rains and several salmon being taken from the River Leven earlier in the week. The heavy leaden skies and relative calm conditions provided dramatic scenes as I headed up along Boturich shores fishing as ‘tight’ to shore as I dared. So tight in fact that I lost a lure to the bottom in one of the bays as well as ‘whacking’ the bottom hard several times which certainly got the nerves jangling as I checked that the outboard was still securely attached!

Fished across the (Endrick) Bank and onwards past Balmaha Milarrochy Bay before heading West towards Buccinch. Foregoing stopping for lunch I decided to fish around the Islands of Inchmurrin, Torrinch, Inchcailloch in the hope of shelter and at picking up a sea trout which had been prevalent for the past few weeks. No success unfortunately aside from a brave wee perch which fell for a 13cm rapala.

With the North Easterly wind increasing I decided to call it a day and crossed or rolled across the Bank where now the wind was creating a bit of a wave.

A good day without anything to show despite some hard fishing and distance covered but enjoyable nevertheless. Next time!