Is this normal?

As a recent ‘nubie’ to fly tying of all of a few months I have started to notice a few strange and somewhat odd traits and thought processes in recent weeks. Are these normal happenings that others experience I wonder or is it something purely afflicting me?

Whilst I am still at ‘nursery school‘ in terms of ability and learning I have been amazed just how quickly this pastime begins to consume your time and thoughts, to say nothing about your wallet! Those who have been witness to the constant posts of my various ‘creations’ each week will have experienced my obsessiveness first hand. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_c39Perhaps this need to share online each new attempt is in part related to working away each week with solo evenings and the absence of anyone to share my ‘achievements’ with directly.

Aside from the early addictive attraction of tying and learning even the basic techniques and patterns there is a further even more surprising and a little but weird phenomena I have noticed. Not being satisfied with occupying myself in the evenings learning to tie I have recently found myself looking at all sorts of animate and inanimate objects and materials in relation to fly bodies, wings and so on! Whether in a shop, on the way to work or in the checkout line I cannot help but spot something and think ‘that would make great material for…..”.  I’m ashamed to say that I even noticed a young lady the other day with the most magnificent red hair and thought that would be an excellent wing material,  or more likely a basis for a criminal complaint! Are these thoughts normal or just the sign of over obsession?

Perhaps once the fishing season starts then my thinking will improve and return to normal.



One thought on “Is this normal?”

  1. This is very common, but unfortunately it will never leave you. Every trip to the angling store will cost you at least £30 more than you intended and that’s if you’re lucky. But do not dispair , there’s nothing quite like catching a fish on a self tied fly.


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