First trip of 2020

Smile!  A face only a Mother could love! A 15lb fish from a trip far North for a few days this week.  Unfortunately not a Springer, would have and will be a fabulous fish when mended. Carefully unhooked and gently returned. Dropped another shortly after this one. The upside to offset disappointment was that both fish took one of my fledgling attempts at fly tying, a “Dee Monkey” which is a good feeling. Overall great water and weather conditions making for a great few days and fantastic to get out again for a New Season .

3 thoughts on “First trip of 2020”

      1. All well Collin but a little bit frustrated by lock down. I had 10 Trout at my local fishery during early March (all over wintered) and now can’t fish as closed.
        Hope you are all well.


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