Wednesday 29th Aug. 2018

As the season marches forwards and still chasing that first Lomond salmon I set off for another day on the water. It has to be said I think that if it was only about the fishing then I would have quit long ago on this quest. Thankfully Loch Lomond has so much more to offer than purely the fish, although one would be nice! On each outing I’ve already noticed the changing colours and scenes of its unbounded beauty.

The route for today was to fish firstly the west shore taking in the usual marks that included The Fruin mouth, Auchentullin Bay, Finlass Water and the Golf Course with a stop on Inchmoan for lunch before heading along the south shore of Inchmoan and across towards Balmaha and then homeward past Boturich Castle.

After a few uneventful first hours carefully navigating my way northwards and trying to remember all of the gratefully received tips and advice regarding each location I finally heard the welcome sound of the striker weight jumping and the reel screeching. I lifted the “inside rod” thinking it may be weed given the area I was in and initially believed this to be the case until the rod suddenly bent into an arc as the fish sprung to life. I impatiently reeled to see the fish and tried not to curse as I realised that it was a small pike of around 5lbs.  Given the size of the fish I decided to leave the remaining rods out and bring this fish in which I was to later regret as it cost me a lure on the bed of the loch, lesson learned.

No further takes ensured as I headed for Inchmoan for a quiet lunch and a stretch of the legs. Loch Lomond Wed 290818aLoch Lomond Wed 290818bLunch it was but quiet it was not as almost as soon as I opened the sandwich box a troop of ducks was quickly followed by a family of swans padding up the shore to join me. After a “busy” lunch I met some fellow anglers who had also decided to lunch on the island and after a lot of helpful chat and advice I set off re-charged and enthused once more.

Loch Lomond Wed 290818f

Working my way as tight in as I dared along the “long” and “short” points of “the moan” without any offers I then headed east towards Balmaha taking in the south shore of Inchfad. Turning south at Balmaha I noted that the stiff breeze that had whipped up the water. Seeking some shelter I headed along the south shores of Inchcailloch, Torrinch, Creinch and Inchmurrin but being a south west wind this did not make much difference to the increasing roll.Loch Lomond Wed 290818dLoch Lomond Wed 290818i

Finally deciding to call it a day I headed across the loch from Inchmurrin to Boturich wanting to fish the east shore homewards. As I crossed I reflected how quickly the scenes and conditions can change from flat calm this morning to a bow slapping roll.

Another enjoyable day on “The Big Loch” and a genuine thank you again to all those fellow anglers for so freely sharing their knowledge and experience as well as offering much welcomed encouragement.

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