Saturday 25th May

A cold windy day in May heading out once more in pursuit of that, so far elusive, first Lomond Salmon. Despite the low water conditions news of several fish being landed on the River Leven in recent days this only added to the tingle of anticipation that just maybe today I would get off the mark. Buffeted by the wind as I entered the I headed upon the eastern shore past Boturich carefully trying to fish as ‘tight’ to the shoreline as possible. Identifying the usual landmarks and troll lanes proved challenging given the extremely low water levels with huge rock formations now exposed along the shoreline and ‘normal’ depths and distances from shore now changed and unfamiliar.

Crossing Endrick Bank the reel on the inside poker announced a take as the rod bent over and I struggled to stow the other rods quickly. No small feat given the ‘roll’ of the waves that had gradually increased. Turned out to be a beautiful small sea trout of approximately just over a pound. Impressed by just how much of a tusssle these wee fish put up for their size and after several acrobatic leaps it was safely in the net.

Onwards and past Balmaha and Milarrochy Bay before turning westwards to Buccinch for lunch, a stretch of the legs and a change of lures. Leaving Buccinch the wind was now blowing as I headed to over and along the north side of Inchfad before heading around and running between Inchcailloch and Creinch a couple of times.

From there I headed back across Endrick Bank with wind and swell now blowing hard and glad to get a little shelter on the far shoreline. With rain now starting in earnest I headed back down past Ross Priory and Boturich with no further offers. Despite the conditions and the lack of fish a very enjoyable day made all the better for the appearance of a single beautiful wee silver sea trout.